About Me

My name is Kait. You can usually find me with a coffee in hand marked with some crazy color of lipstick. I am a walking 23 year old cliche in every aspect of my life. Cliched aspiring writer, cliched failed poet, cliched troubled young adult (but in a cute way) currently in that awkward stage of having recently graduated and entering “reality,” for lack of a better term. Nothing about college life felt optimal, besides for discovering my passion. I guess that was kind of a big deal.

I graduated in May of 2016 with a BA in writing and rhetoric (trust me, I didn’t know what that was at either) and a minor in communications. Once I finally escaped the treaded mandatory death grips, also known as “gen. eds.,” I finally got to spend my college career doing something I was passionate about. A little creative writing, a lot of audio documentaries, video documentaries, telling stories through photo (this was in the realm of digital rhetoric, I’ll get to it) and then my favorite: writing lengthy papers on whatever media of my choosing. For example, though I love The Office I tore Michael Scott to shreds in only 15 pages labeling him an “incompetent boss” and providing specific examples as to why (which, as I’m sure you could imagine, wasn’t that difficult). I also studied Hayao Miyazaki and his films for an entire semester and conducted a rhetorical analysis of his portrayal of “eco-feminism” in his films.

When people ask me what rhetoric is I sum it up as “persuasive writing” but it is a lot more than that. It is writing, storytelling, speaking, or even moving in a way that is supposed to evoke some kind of emotion or feeling in the audience. Though writing is a sure way to evoke emotion (I know we’ve all been there sobbing into Me Before You, but honestly screw that book) I found that digitally is my favorite way. I want to evoke emotion using words, sounds, photos, even video. So, even though this blog will contain a lot of my rants about my life, maybe books, art, movies, TV, etc., I am using it to put all my work in one contained spot. I can only hope I continue on.

As a reader…

This is where my passion began and not just for reading, I mean, my passion for everything. My parents’ home videos are filled with my reading aloud to stuffed animals at three years old, and yes, I didn’t know how to read back then. I was literally just making shit up. Before I wanted to dance or baton twirl or whatever else I eventually got into, I wanted to read. I remember being ahead of my first grade class when it came to finally learning how and the weekend trips to the library with my mom became my favorite part of the week. As you can tell, I now have a lot of passions. I tried to go to college to follow this one, majoring in literature, but I was urged writing would be more effective in terms of a career. I don’t regret it but to say publishing a book or even working in an environment like that is not my dream would be a lie.

I can’t say this blog will contain a lot on the topic of reading. Though I wish I could write a compelling book review, I leave that one to the pros. I’m currently reading It by Stephen King and not only will it take me a long time to read, a review like that isn’t necessary. We know it’s great.

As a writer…

This is something I am deathly afraid of. Sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it? I majored in this. I have a degree in this. But I took the safe route and studied nonfiction writing. I swear I loved it, but I dabbled in a creative writing course and could not help but to admire the brave, capable people who decided to pursue such a path. Since then, I have tried writing creatively whether it is creative nonfiction, fiction, or poetry but, as I said, I tend to lack self confidence in those fields, which usually results in me back spacing every thought and pretending like that monstrosity never happened.

You will see a lot of that on here if I’m ever brave enough to post such work. But I will say most of my creativity springs from nonfiction events, you know, stuff that has actually happened to me. I have a hard time making shit up….

As a digital rhetorician…

I’ll be honest I don’t think I can even say I’m one of these anymore. I haven’t created a photo story, video story, or even (my favorite) audio story since college. My past work is on here, feel free to explore and pray I get back on track. I’m choosing words as my medium for now…

Anyway, this is me. I promise I’m no different than everyone else on this website and I feel so pretentious for talking about myself for so long, but hey! I never look up in photos!



5 thoughts on “About Me

      1. I appreciate it. It takes a while to decide what you want your site to look like. This is my third iteration and I make small changes every month. As for your content, I’ll respond to some posts individually throughout the week, but hang in there… it took me a few years to figure out what I wanted and how to build a career. Plus, I was also told I thought too emotionally for a while. It gets better.


      2. Thank you, I definitely needed to hear that. Luckily going through your site has inspired me to make better changes to mine so I thank you for that, too!

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